UFC 101

Was a good card! We decided to goto Ker’s WingHouse to see it. Was a fun night! Although, it is much cheaper to stay home to watch it on Pay per view. The fights mostly went how I expected, if not how I hoped. I was VERY surprised just how easy Anderson Silva made it look with Forrest Griffin. Was an awesome display of skill. I look forward to his future fights.

UFC 100!!! Lived up to the hype!

So we ordered UFC 100, because well, we are fans, and it is THE CARD. Seriously, every one of these matches could have been a Main event. Well, maybe not as much with Belcher and Yoshihiro Akiyama. Just not popular enough for main event yet. That being said, I think Belcher was robbed. It sure felt like he was in the lead all the way through. I will have to watch it again tomorrow, but it sure seemed like Belcher should have won to me.
Henderson vs Bisping was was all I could hope for. I liked Bisping in the Ultimate Fighter Series. However, he just talks to much trash, so it was fun to see him get quieted. I am glad he is ok though don’t get me wrong. I just think fighters improve a lot more with a defeat then with a win, and Bisping needed this loss to wake him up. (in a put you to sleep type of way. :P)

GSP vs Alves went about how everyone expected. It was amazing to see GSP dominate that much though, especially when he pulled his groin in the 3rd round. It was a great match! I would have loved to see GSP actually finish him, as that makes more of a statement. GSP has not been as much of a finisher as I would like to see.

Brock vs Mir bums me out. I really wanted to see Mir win. Just because it would have been nice to see Brock get knocked back a little. He is a dominate force though. He just man handled Mir, and Mir was in the best shape I ever seen. Who knows, maybe Frank will get another shot eventually, and they can do the rubber match? Frank needs to get a better plan though.

All in all, a great show! I loved it and think it was very worthwhile!

UFC 92 the Ultimate 2008

I am really looking forward to this PPV!  Some excellent fights!

  • 205 lbs.: UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Forrest Griffin (205) vs. Rashad Evans (203)

I hope for Forrest to win,  but with the way Rashad has been improving by leaps and bounds, it would not surprise me to see him win.  The cockiness of him annoys me, and has since The Ultimate Fighter Season 2, so would really enjoy seeing Forrest beat his cocky butt.

  • 265 lbs.: UFC Interim Heavyweight Champion Antonio Rodrigo “Minotauro” Nogueira (246) vs. Frank Mir (251)

Big Nog is pretty impressive.  I kinda expect to see him win, but would love to see Mir win.  After watching The Ultimate Fighter Season 8, Mir come off as kinda a jerk, but I think he deserves the chance to win the belt so he can actually legitimately lose it.  I always kinda felt bad with the way he won it, was doing so well, had an accident and ended up unable to defend the belt.

  • 205 lbs.: Quinton “Rampage” Jackson (206) vs. Wanderlei Silva (203)

After the way Silva took Jackson in Pride, I think this will be an awesome fight.  However, with the difference in rules, I expect that things will favor Rampage much more here. So I expect Rampage to win, but would not be surprised to see the Axe Murder  take him.  That is the joy of MMA.  Anything can happen on any given night.  Considering that Silva won the last two matches, by all rights, you would expect him to win.. but nobody seems to.  The Axe Murderer is a puncher and has some mean knees.. so he can always pull off the upset.

  • 265 lbs.: Cheick Kongo (233) vs. Mustafa Al-Turk (237)

I completely expect Kongo to win this.  Being that Al-Turk has some good knockouts though, one punch can change that result.

  • 185 lbs.: C.B. Dollaway (186) vs. Mike Massenzio (184)

This could go either way.  They actually wrestled in 2003, and CB won.. A lot has happened since then, but I think CB wants to prove himself.  So I would not be surprised to see him pull off another victory.


I was sad that we could not get UFC 91.  It makes sense though.. We were busy yesterday, and would have missed the first match or two before getting home.  So I just read about the matches online.  Not as good as the real thing, but still better then waiting to find out the results.

I was disappointed that Randy Couture lost, but not really surprised. Brock Lesnar is huge, and very athletic.  Randy is 45, small for Heavy Weight and been out for a year.  Like I said, not a huge surprise that it went the way it did.

Was happy that Gabriel Gonzaga won and that Kenny Florian won. It looked to be a great UFC.  I am thinking we will probably get the next one, and probably the one that has Brock facing the winner of Mir vs Nogeria.

MMA Weekend!

So this weekend on July 19th, there were two great MMA events!  Affliction Banned and UFC Fight Night.  Banned was totally awesome!  The Andrei Arlovski vs Ben Rothwell was the fight of the night for me.  Arlovski was relentless!  Back to the Pitball days.  Barnett and Rizzo was a pretty good fight also, but the flying knees Arlovski was giving Big Ben were freaking Awesome!  Could not have been more impressive.  Arlovski just totally dismantled Ben Rothwell.  Babalu was also looking good, and Mike Whitehead was as disappointing as ever.  They keep saying how great he is, and then he gets in the Ring/Octagon and totally bombs. It is very sad.. You can see the potential.  Fedor was freaking awesome.  I have never been a Tim “The Wet Blanket” Sylvia Fan, and seeing Fedor dismantle him that fast was very impressive!

Fight night had several good fights. Velasquez looked awesome as he got O’brien held down from side mount, tied up his arm between his legs on one side and his other arm between his neck and shoulder and beat out a victory in short order.  Rory Markham gave a highlight reel knockout kick for his debut in the Octagon againt Brodie Farber. Kevin Burns vs Anthony Johnson was the controversial fight of the night.  Burns seems to have broken his hand multiple times, and feels he can not do a punch properly now, so does an open palm hit, which seems to turn into an eye poke all to often.  After two good rounds, with a couple of minor eye pokes, there was a very obvious hard eye poke by Burns which sent Johnson screaming to the mat in pain.  The fight was called, but for whatever reason, instead of a DQ of Burns, they have it as a TKO to of Johnson, with Burns getting the victory, total BS, but Johnson actually was very classy about it, so he earned my respect a bit. I was very happy to see CB Dollaway put away Jessie Taylor in short order.  Kind of made you feel like it had went right having CB and Sadollah fight in the Ultimate Fighter final.

All told, it was the fans who won in a great night of MMA action!

UFC 77 (Results —Spoilers)

Rich Franklin Vs. Anderson Silva – Anderson again totally dominated Rich. It was sad to see. Rich was looking at the clock half way through the first round hoping for the end of the round. Dude, for someone who trains like someone possessed. take your eyes off the clock and keep your eyes on Andersons hands that keep clenching behind your head. I love Rich. He is a great fighter most of the time, but as I said before, he just does not have the tools in his toolbox currently to fix the problem that is Anderson Silva.

Tim Sylvia Vs. Brandon Vera – I was hoping for Brandon Vera to win this. I think he would have stood a better chance had he not broke his hand in the first. After that he mostly just held on to Tim as Tim laid on him up against the cage. That is why I do not like Tim! I like most every Miletich fighter, but Tim is just so boring to watch. He laid on Brandon for 3 rounds. Come on dude, if you are so big and bad, push him back and bang him out. Don’t lay on him for 3 rounds and wear him out then hit him a few times. No wonder everyone boos you.

Alvin Robinson Vs. Jorge Gurgel – This went as I expected, I keep trying to like Jorge, but he keeps doing stupid stuff. In this case, he spent most of a round on his back getting punched in the face as he tried for an arm bar from the bottom.. Talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face!

Eric Schafer Vs. Stephan Bonnar – Stephan Bonner won, as I expected. Was not a submission, but was a great fight. Stephan got him down and pounded him out. Was good stuff.

Alan Belcher Vs. Kalib Starnes – Alan Belcher took this one. He opened a gap in Starnes head big enough and deep enough to see skull. Ref stoppage. Was an exciting fight..

It was a good show! I am very glad we spent the money to get the UFC fight pack! Awesome stuff! Still looking for some laid back people to come watch the next 2 shows with us in November and December if anyone in Spring Hill, Florida is interested. 🙂

UFC 77

Cheer! I am so looking forward to the UFC 77 event tonight. We got the 3 package deal, so it will be entertaining for the next 3 months. Which is awesome! 🙂 Emmy and I talked about it, and there were a lot of good fights coming up with fighters we know and like, so why not. We ordered it! I am looking forward to Brandon Vera being back in the cage, and looking forward to seeing what Rich Franklin does to try and combat the tie clinch that Anderson Silva destroyed him with the first time. As Rich is mostly a striker, I do not see what he can bring to the Cage to take down Anderson. I wish him luck though, and hope they put on a heck of a show!

As this will be the first big test of Brandon Vera, I have no idea which way this one will go. He is facing Tim Sylvia. Tim is 6’8″ and pretty good, if a bit heavy on his feet. Tim also outweighs Brandon by about 40lbs. It should be a good fight though. Every fight I have seen of Brandon Vera’s has been very exciting. I was amazed at how fast Brandon took out former champ Frank Mir, although Mir has not been the same since his Motorcycle accident, it was still pretty amazing. I wish all the fighters good luck though, and hope they all put on a heck of a show!
What fight are you most looking forward to and why?
I am looking forward to seeing Brandon Vera return and finally facing a rated opponent.

What fight do you care for the least on the card?
Alvin Robinson Vs. Jorge Gurgel
Is the least interesting to me.  I have wanted to like Jorge, but most of his fights have not been that exciting.  He just does not appear to come out and give it his all.. Maybe it is his injuries that he has been plagued with in the past..Hopefully it will be different with the home town crowd.. We will see.

Who do you think will get the fight of the night?
Eric Schafer Vs. Stephan Bonnar
I think this one has a lot of potential for fight of the night.  Stephan is really glad to be back in the spot light, so will be looking to put on a good show. After Eric’s loss to Bisping, he is looking to get back in the win column, so it should be a battle.

Which fight do you think will be the knock out of the night?
Rich Franklin Vs. Anderson Silva Rich
I expect Anderson to knock Rich out pretty quick, or if Rich can survive, he may get a lucky punch out there.  They both have the power, so if Rich survives a while, it gives him a punchers chance.  Either way, I expect a knock out.

Submission of the Night?
I expect Stephan or Jorge to get it.  We will see though.

MMA payouts to little?

Ok, a lot of people are saying that MMA fighters are under paid.  I am still trying to figure this out.  I mean seriously, in the UFC they make between 3k and 350k that I have seen.  That seems like a good wage for everyone if you ask me.  If you are on the under card, I can see where you only get 3k.. I mean, how many people are coming to see just you, or paying for a ppv just to see you?  I think that to get good money, it should be a matter of,”What did you bring to the show?”

Many people seem to disagree, they claim that MMA fighters, and UFC fighters specifically are getting screwed.  How so?  The average American is not making  anywhere near that.  Just because boxers some how managed to arrange to get outrageous sums of money.. Of course, with that sport dying, or it should have by now, I do not understand why anyone would hold that up as an example of something you want to copy.  I think making 3k in a night is not a bad night.  And any more is a great night!

Woo! About time!

Nothing against Chicago, but I am thrilled that Stephan Bonnar finally found a new place to train! And talk about smarts? He actually joined with Randy Coutures newly created team! Xtreme Couture! Congrats Stephan for finding such a kick butt School! Look forward to seeing what leaps you make in your ground game! About time!

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