Farrah Fawcett dies

I am in total disbelief. One of the first women that ever made me stop and go “Woah!” as a child for her stunning good looks has died. Farrah Fawcett. It is a sad day. I grew up watching her in Charlie’s Angel’s and always watched for her in any movies that she was in just because of that initial impression she made on me as a child. I was disappointed when her and Lee Majors got divorced. I mean, come on, an Angel and the Six Million Dollar Man belong together! Today, I am even more disappointed. More for the loss of a childhood memory then who she might have been today, as I did not know her. Regardless of who she was, it is a sad day when we lose one of the Angels.

To have Michael Jackson die the same day was that much more of a shock!  The King of Pop and the Queen of the 70’s Pinup going in the same day.. Kinda a rough 1-2 combo to my generation..

The next Star Trek Movie.

So I was reading news recently, and discovered the new Star Trek is in preproduction. Nifty! I haven’t seen one of those in ages. Then I got to reading to see who was playing who.


Captain Kirk – Chris Pine

Older Mr Spock – Leonard Nimoy

Young Mr Spock – Zachary Quinto

Scotty – Simon Pegg

Nero – Eric Bana

Uhura – Zoe Saldana

Chekov – Anton Yelchin

Sulu – John Cho

Leonard ‘Bones’ McCoy – Karl Urban

Jury Duty

So I had Jury Duty.  Was interesting, and educational. They brought in a bunch of people, took us into different courtrooms at random, and then explained everything to us, and asked us a bunch of questions.  They do not seem to like me with my pony tail though.  They did not bother asking me many questions even.  I guess I was lucky I did not get selected, but I really would not have minded as I was finding it really interesting.

The first trial I did not get selected for was 7 counts.  1 count of B&E, 5 counts assault, 1 count criminal mischief.  They asked us a bunch of questions on if we had been victims of such crimes or not, if we felt the guy was innocent currently.  The right answer is,”Yes.” Because in the US, it is innocent until proven guilty.  So until the trial begins, no matter what, they are innocent.

The next one I got called in and turned down for was a murder 1 case.  I am kinda glad I did not get selected for that.  As it was I was there from 8am until 8pm, and if I had been selected, I would have had to go in the next day at 9am.  They also said the trial would probably take 2 weeks.  Which did not sound very fun.  Besides, the death penalty was a possibility, and that is a big responsibility!


Naa, I haven’t just been lazy.. I been setting up my system, getting games installed and running on Wine and Cedega and Dosbox. Compiling Duke Nukem 3D on Linux, getting SimCity 3000 running, Compiling Dune Legacy on Linux and getting everything running smoother and reading through my Python book that came. So I have not wrote as much as I should have.. I missed a couple days.

I also did a ram upgrade and a scan and removal of spyware on a Windows XP computer for some people. Pretty common occurance really. If you have not run Spybot S & D recently, you should have if you are running XP. Picture a big sticky ball of candy rolling down through a popcorn and candy and sodapop and whathave you strewn floor in a movie theater.. It is bound to pick something up. By the time you run your virus software, your computer has lost a third of its speed. Add a few other messengers, video players, auto updaters for things and your computer is slowing down even more. Then, on top of all that, you visit websites all the time that slow you down even more! What a drag! That is one of the reasons I use Mepis.