Broken system. :'(

I find it frustrating that our government has been taken over by a bunch of elite rich people, who now spend most of their time convincing people that the minimum wage should remain low. The minimum wage should be high enough to pay the minimum in bills and food for survival. That was the entire point of minimum wage. So that corporations could not keep workers working for next to nothing wages while filling the guys at the tops pockets.

So here we are. 2018 and CEO pay is up 997% since 1978. ( ) The part that confuses me is that there are people who are making very little money claiming that the little guys making less than them getting more money will raise costs?? So the fact that the CEO is making 997% does not raise costs? But raising the minimum wage so that the kids just getting started can go to college and pay their bills will break the system? Really? Nobody else sees a problem with this? And, to really make it easier on that poor rich guy who has gotten a huge continuous raise since 1978, we needed to lower taxes on them.. because you know, they have only gotten 82% of all wealth in 2017. ( It would not be fair to them to expect them to use some of that wealth to either pay for services for the people that work for them, or to pay the people that work for them with a decent wage.

I am confused why we do not expect more out of our businesses? Who gave them the rights to our world?! Oh yeah, our government is… As fast as it can. :’( So here we are, a country that has become an Oligarchy, claiming to be a Republic, claiming to be a Democracy?!? The whole time, our current government parties are running campaigns against Socialism of any sort, but the last time our country actually made progress on infrastructure and such was during FDR’s 4 terms.. The tax on the rich and corporations was pretty high.. ( ( )

Why, after an even bigger crash, and a worse period of time in some peoples minds financially, are we still allowing them to remove more safety nets, and build bigger corporations that we can not afford to have fail?!? What the hell is our government doing to protect us? We are still paying for the recovery of the last failing by the ultra rich, and they have been given a pass with their tax rates dropped.. and our future is sold.. and here we are, voting in more rich old people?!?! WTF people?!?!

Social problems across the nation

So looking at the news, I see more and more gun and drug problems. Anyone stop to think that maybe, if people could make a living off from their jobs, that maybe, just maybe, they would not be so quick to turn to drugs and violence? I mean seriously? Minimum wage is supposed to be the minimum wage someone can live on in our country, how the hell do they expect you to live on 7.25 an hour? So figure if you are working a 40 hour week, which most part time positions do not, as they do not want to have to pay benefits like insurance and such, you make roughly $290 per week before taxes.. So call it $210 after taxes. So figure, they are making roughly $800 to $1000 per month? Ok, so now lets look at the US National average for rent.. Hrm, so call it $900? So you can almost pay rent for 1 month on average with your minimum wage job.. Ok, lets say you live somewhere that you can get an apartment, even a dump for half the national average.. so $450. Now lets figure that you like food.. Food prices have went up a lot over the last few years. but, for the sake of argument, that you manage to somehow eat for $50 per week, far below the US average, but 8% of Americans say they manage it So you are spending $200-$250 a month on food. That is bare basics considering I know we can easily blow $100 on food for 2 bags of groceries if we are not careful. So now, out of that $800 per month, we have spent $650-$700 depending on 4 or 5 week month, and looking at an apartment that is half the national average and looking at spending less than 92% of Americans do on food per week. So now you want a phone? TV? Electric?($111) Water? Mandatory health insurance? Car? Public Transportation? You are looking at least one more job, just to cover basic costs.. and that is not even looking at if you are one of the many who actually took college classes and have student loans to pay for that left you still working a minimum wage job.
I see all these people arguing that we need more gun control. No we don’t. We need people who are not desperate to survive. What would you be willing to do to survive? Sell drugs? Hold up a store? Ok, so how about if you have a family and your child is sick? What would you be willing to do for your sick child? Still think it is a gun problem? In a time when corporations are making record profits, why is the middle class dwindling and the lower class growing? I still say they need to tax the crap out of corporate profits for a few years, and tax the crap out of any salary that more than three or four times the national average of $44k. Then raise the minimum wage. If they can not give all the money to the executives without paying huge taxes, and would have to pay large sums of taxes on profits, they are less likely to raise the costs of goods to maintain a high profit margin. I am not saying they should not make profits, but when profits come at the expense of the people doing all the work, maybe it is time for things to change?
Corporate welfare needs to stop. Creating a new slave population by giving people barely enough to live on needs to stop. Everyone taking their share of profits from the basic necessities of life needs to stop. You wonder why our society has a drug and violence problem? I am surprised we do not have more of a problem. They are doing everything they can to make it so we have no choice but to work for them cheap to survive. Seriously. Many places are making it illegal to collect rain water.. Many are making it mandatory that you are connected to the power grid. Gee, I wonder why they wanna take our guns away? It is not a gun problem. It is a desperation problem. We put our mental patients on the street by cutting social programs, give more corporate subsidies, and then the corporate runs news about the guns and violence problems and how we need to cut more social programs so the country can quit losing money. I have an idea, how about we stop paying house and senate 4 times the national average of $44k, stop giving 92 Billion a year away to corporations making Billions and seriously look at making a single payer health care system. All of which will never happen as long as corporations have lobbyists in DC bending our elected officials ears, while the American people do not. Consider this, Corporations can now spending huge amounts of money getting someone elected, then send a lobbyist to Washington DC to hang with them and influence them.
We need to take back our government from big money and big corporations. We need to change the laws again to not allow big corporations to donate to get public officials elected. Our government should not be for sale. Then we can see about making sure everyone has a living wage and decent health care. Then maybe we can fix the “gun and drug” problem, of course, at that point, maybe there will not be one, because people will not be so desperate just to survive.

The new Corporate Reality of America today.

Anyone else bothered by all the big corporations running our country? I mean, seriously, I see people complaining about not being able to live off the grid, not being able to collect rain water. Who do people complain about? The Government, but then they continue to vote the same ways. I would like to point out, it is not JUST the government, it is the corporations that with the new political campaign laws are now pretty much legally allowed to buy and pay for our government officials. Do not see how money can make something happen that we do not want?
In the last election, Las Vegas casino owner Sheldon Adelson bankrolled the campaign against medical marijuana in Florida. It worked. In May, before the election, Medical Marijuana had a 90% approval rating. By election time, he had shaved more then 40 points off that and it failed. Seriously? Here is a little story about it. and you can also read more about it where he is quoted as saying,”I’m against very wealthy people attempting to or influencing elections. But as long as it’s doable I’m going to do it.”
Yet, we keep voting for politicians that continue to give our rights and powers as a people away to the big corporations and the super wealthy? Why? Do people ever take a minute to actually look and see how the people they vote for actually vote? Read up on the laws that they are passing, or at least trying to pass? How do those laws actually help or hinder us? To many of them seem to be limiting our abilities to survive freely, without giving huge amounts of our incomes to big corporations, who actually get a large part of our money already from government subsidies. and give you some ideas on where our money is really going. But if you watch the news, they will happily send you to the social welfare programs as our problem with the budget in this country. Seriously? Corporate subsidies help make the rich richer. Social Welfare helps poor people eat. Yes, they may get some toys with it too, but it is meant to help give them a place to live and eat. I do not disagree that it could use some reform, but as we are spending about half the price on social welfare that we are spending on corporate-welfare, I really do not feel like someone buying an iphone who is on welfare is our major budget problem in this Country.
Now, we have corporations who are out to patent things you can find in nature as a cure to cancer? Seriously? Is anyone else getting real sick of corporations running our country and our lives? Anyone else ever looked at health care costs in any other country? How about costs of medications?
and this gives you an idea on medications.  So what we see if you actually read this is, they charge us outrageous prices for Insurance, they charge us outrageous prices for healthcare, and they charge us outrageous prices for medications, and they patent even things that are grown naturally so they can charge us high prices for those things? Wow. They have us coming and going.
I have a lot of friends who are very conservative, and they complain about the cost of medication, they complain about the cost of medical care, they complain about the government, and taxes, but they do not complain about the fact that the corporations charging all this money are able to contribute huge amounts of money to get leaders that are sympathetic to them elected. The corporate media continues to spin the left against the right, but there really isn’t a big difference. What really starts to bother me is when you look at who owns the majority of many of these corporations.
Really rather disturbing.
They really want to control everything right down to our water.

Woo! Go Obama!!!

Ok, so I am thrilled that Obama was elected!  Unlike so many of my friends, I do not see this as the end of the world.  I am really getting a kick out of the Conservative Right acting as if Obama will be the end of Capitalism in our Country.  Isn’t it Bush’s Government who is bailing out Insurance Companies, Mortgage Companies and anyone else who needs money that day?

I really do not see what all of my Conservative friends are throwing fits about.  Have they actually read the plan?  Obviously not.  Obama plans on Taxing those making over $250000 a year more.  Not one of my friends that have been doing all the complaining makes anywhere near that.  In fact, they will probably make out very well with Obama’s tax plan.  Yet they whine like there is no tomorrow.  “Oh no, he will turn the whole country socialist!”, “Oh no, these idiot liberals do not know what they are doing!”.  This from the same bunch of people who elected a studdering idiot to lead the most powerful nation in the world.  Come on people, he makes up words.  He can not balance a budget to save our lives, and he has sold your childrens future worse than any Democrat ever dreamed of!

The other thing that bothers me with the whole thing is, they are all crying about socialism and how Obama will take all the money from those who worked for it….. but the working class is getting a whole lot of breaks from Obama.  If they are going to whine, I wish they would at least be informed.  Instead, they just make a bunch of ignorant blanket statements that make them sound as dumb as the last president they elected.  Many of these friends have either gotten help at some point from the Government, or a family member of theirs has.  Isn’t Public Assistance an evil thing as far a the Conservatives are concerned?  Yet, they will take the help when they need it, they just do not think it should be there for others?  Sigh.. Stuipidity at its finest!

Terrorism the new Communism?

So I was thinking about the days often portrayed in movies.. The days of the witch hunt after Communist supporters in the USA back in the 50’s.  Anybody else remember learning about the McCarthy trials? How they were basically a witch hunt?  How basically anybody that did not believe the same as the Republicans and Conservative Democrats that were behind the trials were “linked” to Communism as a way of discrediting them?  One of the things I find most distasteful about the Republican party is the fact they like to lead these crusades and play on the common Americans fears.  Oh, what is the common America scared of this decade?  We can play on that to get elected.  Then we can abuse our opponents with the magnifying glass of suspicion.  Nevermind the damage done to our society.  Remember folks, the US was created with the idea of being the great melting pot.

I find it sad that a small group can play on peoples fears to this point, and find it disgusting that they do as often as they can drum up a common enemy to use to put themselves in power.  If you are curious about what I mean with this, just do some searching on Pat McCarran and Joseph McCarthy. A very scary time for America.  A very dividing time.. Much like now with Bush and Terrorism and linking everyone and anyone they get half a chance to to Terrorists. Now they are trying to link Obama to an activist from the 70’s that was a radical.. Who cares?  If we did not care about Bush being a worthless drunk in the 70’s, why should we care that Obama knew a guy who was a radical in the 70’s?

I get sick of the smear attacks this time of year.  I do not care who Obama knows, I do not care what McCain got linked to in the 80’s.  If he did not go to prison for it, who cares?  Like we don’t know they are all crooks to one degree or another. Who cares what John Kerry did in the 70’s?  Was he a war hero?  Everything I have seen says yes.. Did he come home and go to anybody who would listen about the stupidity of the war? Yep.. To me, that just means he was willing to speak up when many sat down or found ways around serving.  Why did Bush find that a reason to attack him?  To me, that made Bush that much more of a despicable person.  Attacking an actual hero as he was staying in the states being a drunk and a drug user.  Like I said though, this is history, not what we need to hear about.

What I really want to know is, what are they going to do to take care of the National Debt?  What are they going to do to help our old people who have lost all of their retirement in the break down of our economy?  Stop and consider the baby boomers who were just starting retirement and now many of whom have lost it.  What is going to be done to help them?  Great, we are helping the companies that screwed up, but what are we doing to help the every day Americans?  What will they do for health care?  Food?  Prescriptions?  Homes?  What are we going to do to help them?  What are we going to do to make the world a safer place?  Cause being a bully is not going to do that in my opinion.  As I recall from the play ground as a child, running around throwing things at people and calling them names is not the best way to make friends.  Neither is walking around with a bat threatening to hit everyone who says or does something you don’t like.

Come on people, lets vote on the issues.  Not the Issue.  I realize many are against abortion, and that is fine, but is that one issue really worth voting for people who bankrupt us and drag us into wars and ruin relations with other major powers around the world?  I think not.  Stop believing the hype they put out and the hate, and start looking at the issues. Personally, I think we need other parties if we want real change, but in the meantime, I will take the lesser of the two evils and vote for Obama just because I will never trust another Republican in office after seeing what Bush did to our National Debt and our Diplomacy with other Countries in 8 short years.

National Debt Graph

Does your Silver Paste have silver?

Questions you should ask when buying heat sink from some places.. Anyone who has ever worked on a system has probably used some soft of heat paste.  It fits between the CPU and the Heatsink on the CPU.  The better brands have silver in it, or so you would think sometimes by the name,  and by the price. That being said, a  test has proven that not all Silver heat pastes do, regardless of the name. So when building a computer, or upgrading a CPU, or replacing a CPU’s fan and heatsink, you need to make sure you buy the better stuff.  I am a fan of the Arctic Silver brand anyways. If you read the article, be sure to read all of it.  Some companies do step up and correct things, and this was originally checked in 2004.

I found this interesting on many levels. First, I find it interesting that it actually took someone getting curious and testing it themselves to fix the problem.. Seems like we often assume that the government has some basic failsafes in place to prevent completely false advertisements like this.. Scarey to find out that is not at all the case.  Second, I found it interesting that a company immedietly tested the problem themselves and did a recall of the product. That earned my respect.

How does spending billions on a war in another country….

Ok, so I hear the term “Conservative” all the time. I am lost trying to figure out how Bush could ever be considered Conservative though? He has spent Billions and Billions of our money on fighting a war in multiple countries. Wars that he was told there was no reason to start. He had to do it though, and I am sure at least part of the reason is, War time Presidents have more power. Sadly, this has done a lot to destroy world opinion of America. 🙁 How is that Conservative?

After doing some research, that is average for the last 75 years or so though. Republican presidents always let government spending and borrowing go out of control. Think it is only people on the left who think Bush is out of control? Of course, all the right wing seem to be blind to the reality of our National debt being out of control. Looking around at all the info on the national debt, it becomes obvious that had Clinton not worked so hard to lower the debt, we would now be completely sunk. So again I ask, how does this qualify him to be “Conservative”??? I do not understand.

Just to let everyone know, I do understand that when they say “Conservative”, they mean Socially Conservative. Which refers to their moral stance. Which is fine. I really do not agree with most of that, specially as I am still not married, but have been with the same women for 14 years. The best part? My now Republican Ex was cheating on me.. which is what caused our divorce. How does that work? How stupid.. Hypocrites! Boy that annoys me. Anyways…

The other problem I have with the Republicans is their pro Big Business attitude. They keep cutting the legs out from under the small businesses in the US, which is what this country was built on, and lowering the taxes on big business. How does this help us? This gives more and more power to the big companies with their lobbyists. That really ticks me off, cause it is a snowball effect. It will just get worse and worse. It really frustrates me when I have friends who are not making much money, but they are voting Republican because “Republicans are Conservative.” Great! So give your freedoms away to a corporately elected government. At least the Democrats try to help the people(Childrens insurance, welfare, other such programs.), and in recent history have tremendously lowered the national debt. Pretty impressive! Help the citizens of our country and spend less money then the Republicans?

S o that is it.. I am sure I will be voting Democrat once again.. Just for these reasons.. Not that I particularly feel the Democrats do that much better a job, but at least they are trying to help the citizens of out country, and not people in other countries who feel we are just putting our nose where it doesn’t belong.. and leaving us with a huge debt to repay.. The whole time, watching Social Security, which many older Americans count on, die. Personally, it bothers me that Bush is willing to throw 300Billion+ toward a war in a country that seems to be very unhappy about us being there, but not help our seniors be taken care of in their old age. 🙁 If this is Conservative morality, I will stick to Centrist with a left lean thanks.

Stupid Florida Democrats!

Ok, so I was talking to Emmy, and we got to talking about why Florida democrats are being stupid and pushing for a Jan. 29th Primary when everyone in the national democrat party is basically telling them,”NO, If you do that, we will basically ignore all of your voters!” So, I went looking around, and not only are they stupid enough to “stand firm” on their stupid choice, but they are putting up websites that really do not answer the question of why.

I do not understand, and I wrote telling them that I will not be voting for any State democrats because of their stupid choice.  It is tough, because I do not really like the democrats on a state level, but I do not like the republicans on any of their stances on foreign affairs.  I sure do not agree with them on their views on taking money from our public schools by allowing vouchers to be given to religious schools.  Like our public schools are not in enough trouble. Ah well, anyways, that is what I get for being a Centrist.  I realize they all suck, because they take firm stances on things that I do not care about, and are avoiding the things I do care about.

Democratic Congress a Failure?

Ok, so I have been reading stories about Bush and the Democratic Congress being failures. I have to disagree!  I mean, they are not fixing everything, but with the slim majority they have, they would not be able to.  Democrats are not great either, I mean, I do not trust anyone who goes into Politics for a living, but at least with the Democrats in control of congress, it has pulled some of the stupidity that was going on to a minimum.

In my opinion, the Republican controlled government has set us back about 20 years or so with our foreign policy.  In this day and age, we can not afford to run around the world with a Cowboy attitude dividing the good and evil into black and white groups.  There is a lot more gray in the world then what some people might like to think, including our president.  Running in and sticking our nose into things all over the world is scary. What gives us the right?

Shouldn’t we just work with the United Nations to fix these things? I mean seriously?  Us running around and attacking Middle Eastern Countries is like New Hampshire attacking Florida for something and not just dealing with the Federal Government to get it fixed.  In this Global age, we need to work as a world, rather then trying to dictate everything.  Why should anyone else work within the system if the most powerful nation in the world is not willing to?  Doesn’t not working within the system just make us the big bully of the playground?