Where I stand on some of the different issues.  When I say Centrist, for some reason, the Conservative right comes up with me being “brainwashed by the liberal media.”  The whole time, spouting the party line of how only Fox News is “fair and balanced”.  Personally, I do not agree with my news being “Fair and Balanced.”  What that translates to me in an election is, we will cover up some of the stupidity of one candidate because we have more dirt on them then we could ever want, while the whole time digging up extra stuff on the other candidate. I do not think the coverage on the other networks is a lot better.. I just happen to believe reading and watching a little bit of all the news providers, I get more of a fair and balanced idea of what is going on in the world then watching one source that was started by an extreme conservative. So anyways, I thought I would make up a list of where I stand on some of the hot topics..

1. Abortion: I sort of feel as a man, this is none of my business to begin with.  I think it and the morning after pill are pretty much personal choices of the woman.  I think women who do not want kids and get pregnant are better off having a legal way out then being forced to care for a child they do not want.  I think there are already to many unwanted children in the world being starved and abused, so unless you are willing to take care of all of them, you need to stay out of it and leave the option alone.

2. Gun Control: I grew up shooting and even on a few occasions hunting. Having grown up in the country, shooting was just something we did. We took classes to learn how to be safe gun users and some people joined clubs.  I have no problem with Guns.  I still enjoy shooting now and then. That being said, I have no problem with Common Sense gun control.  What I mean by common sense and what others mean though scares me.  For me, Common Sense gun control means requiring a class on safe gun use before being allowed to buy a gun. I see no problem with filling out a gun permit application with proof that you have taken the class and that you are not a criminal or have some major mental issue. Think about it, driving a car (transportation) requires more safety measures than owning a weapon that can kill ( and was intended to kill) someone.

3. Budget Deficit: This issue is a hot one for me.  This is why I normally vote either Independent or Democrat. The Republicans seem to think we should spend huge on our military budget so we can play Big Brother to the world, which leads to huge deficits during their time in office. That at least has been the case in my lifetime.  Looking at graphs over the last 70 years or so, the Republicans always tend to run the deficit up more during their time in office. If I see a change in this, I may consider voting Republican now and then.  I am not sure though as the whole Religious Right thing scares the crap out of me. They seem to be real interested in a lot of things that I think are none of our governments business.

4: Social Programs: Here is my thing.  If you, or anyone you have ever cared about has received any sort of public assistance, thank the Democrats. If you personally have ever received any sort of Public assistance, you are a complete hypocrite for voting Republican. I have no problem in the world with some of my taxes going to help our citizens when things go to hell for them.  I would much rather see our tax money go to social programs over a war in some other country or to corporate subsidies.

5. Foreign Policy: Personally, I think we should spend more on diplomacy and less on military.  I have no problem spending a lot on Military to protect us.  I draw the line at spending huge for a military to protect other countries.  If they want our protection, they should help pay for it. I think we should try harder to be friendlier and more helpful.  I do not think we should be the police of the world. How would we feel if some other country decided they were going to police us?  If we spent more time and effort with humanitarian efforts around the world, we would have a much better relationship with the entire world.

6.  Environment: I think the earth goes through cycles and Global Warming is part of those.  I do think however that the damage we have done to the earth, and is being done to the earth has sped those cycles up tremendously. I think giving money to oil companies is retarded.  They are making record profits!  Why are we not giving those subsidies to companies who actually have an interest in alternatives?  We need to quit holding the oil companies hand while they bend us over a barrel. Protect the world so our children have the chance to see some wilderness areas unblemished by man.  Protect the species of animals so our children get the chance to know them also.  We also need to do away with planned obsolescence of items so we are not filling our landfills with things that were intentionally built to fail after a few years.

7. Gay Marriage: Who cares?  I mean seriously?  Why would anyone care about this?  Have straight people done so well with marriage that we really feel we need to defend it from gays?  A good percentage of people, religious or not, that I know have been divorced.  What do people feel that gays are going to do to ruin marriage that hasn’t already happened?  Seems to me, here is another personal freedom that we need to stay out of.

8. Stem Cell Research: Why is this an issue?  Why do we have any problem with our scientists coming up with ways to help those already alive?  Come on people!  This could help your grandparents, your parents, your children or even you yourself!  Why would you not want this? This seems like a no brainer!

9. Religion in Government: I am not religious.  I understand a lot of people in our country are.  That is great!  If you have those beliefs, great.  I however think that should be between you and god.  I do not think it should be dragged into government and I certainly do not feel we should make laws based on peoples religious beliefs. I certainly do not feel that Churches should be able to get any sort of government funds. They do not pay into our government with taxes, so why should they be able to get anything out of the system?  Talk about welfare!

10. Taxes: I think our tax system needs to be completely overhauled. It is broke, it needs to be reviewed and overhauled.  Taxes should not be so complicated that the average person has no idea how much he owes, why he owes that much, or what is an exceptable write off and what isn’t without paying someone to figure it out.  On top of that, this country was built on the backs of small business, but a standard Mom and Pop shop set up as a partnership will pay more taxes then a corporation of greater or equal value. Sorry, that is messed up.  Review it, simplify it, make it so there are no loopholes.  Personally, I think sales tax set on everything you buy would be a sensible alternative to taxing your property, your income, your purchases and anything else that smells like money.

11. Immigration: I do not think we should be kicking all of the illegal aliens out of our country.  I think we should come up with ways for them to become citizens.  If they have commited any crime besides getting into our country, I think they should get the boot.  If their only crime is coming here to try and make a better life, I think they should have some way of becoming a citizen.  I do however think that we should have some basic requirements, but if those are met, they should get the same rights as any other citizen of our country.

12. Patriot Act: I think this is way overboard!  I think it needs to be rewritten to better protect our citizens from unreasonable search and seizure and spying. I think the Patriot Act is an extrordinary example of framing an issue.  Because if you examine what it does, it is the most unpatriotic act our government has ever commited against its own people.

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