UFC 100!!! Lived up to the hype!

So we ordered UFC 100, because well, we are fans, and it is THE CARD. Seriously, every one of these matches could have been a Main event. Well, maybe not as much with Belcher and Yoshihiro Akiyama. Just not popular enough for main event yet. That being said, I think Belcher was robbed. It sure felt like he was in the lead all the way through. I will have to watch it again tomorrow, but it sure seemed like Belcher should have won to me.
Henderson vs Bisping was was all I could hope for. I liked Bisping in the Ultimate Fighter Series. However, he just talks to much trash, so it was fun to see him get quieted. I am glad he is ok though don’t get me wrong. I just think fighters improve a lot more with a defeat then with a win, and Bisping needed this loss to wake him up. (in a put you to sleep type of way. :P)

GSP vs Alves went about how everyone expected. It was amazing to see GSP dominate that much though, especially when he pulled his groin in the 3rd round. It was a great match! I would have loved to see GSP actually finish him, as that makes more of a statement. GSP has not been as much of a finisher as I would like to see.

Brock vs Mir bums me out. I really wanted to see Mir win. Just because it would have been nice to see Brock get knocked back a little. He is a dominate force though. He just man handled Mir, and Mir was in the best shape I ever seen. Who knows, maybe Frank will get another shot eventually, and they can do the rubber match? Frank needs to get a better plan though.

All in all, a great show! I loved it and think it was very worthwhile!